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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meghan McCain: "I Want Hilary Duff to Play Me on Screen"

McCain confessed she's "relieved" her dad didn't win race for president
Meghan McCain is already casting for the movie version of her unpublished memoir.
"I want Hilary Duff to play me," she told the New York Daily News. "I think she's really hot -- hotter than me -- but I'd still want her to play me."
The daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain said her memoir, due next spring, will detail what it's like to be a progressive Republican -- and no one would be better suited to play the outspoken GOPer than pop tart Hilary Duff.
"Really, I'd take anyone who's blond," McCain joked.
Though the fiery McCain takes pride in being a vocal GOP advocate, she said she's actually "relieved" her father didn't win the presidential race and likened the White House to a type of prison.
"The Obamas are doing very well -- their popularity is very high -- but I'm just happy it's nothing my family has to figure out," McCain told the News. "I'm so relieved. I did not get along with the Secret Service, so it's good that I'm not living there. You know those Disney movies [where princesses are guarded]? Life in the White House is just like that, except there were no cute guards. Seriously, none of them were cute at all!"
The mini-McCain has fended off criticsm from the likes of Laura Ingraham, among others, who called the GOPer "just another Valley Girl gone awry" and then deeming her "plus-sized."
"Kiss my fat ass!" McCain retorted.
"There's no place for weight criticism of women in 2009," she fumed. "There's no place for it."
McCain has also taken on Ann Coulter and the Republican party, which she dubbed "as hip as Donny Osmond."
"I straight up don't understand this woman or her popularity," McCain wrote in her column on the "I find her offensive, radical, insulting and confusing all at the same time."
Her book will be largely political, likely drawing from her personal experiences on the campaign trail with her father, she said.
"It's half political, and it's half a memoir," she said. "It's like 'Primary Colors' meets Tori Spelling's 'Tori Telling.' I want young women to actually be able to read it."
The 24-year-old also said she wrote about Sarah Palin in her book, which is being published by Hyperion.
"I just wrote a chapter about her, so she'll definitely be in it too," McCain said. "But I don't know who would play her."
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