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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caught! Hilary Duff is a Total Faker

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are def a real couple, but totally enjoy a fake tan together.
Right after returning from a sexy Maui vacay, the pale pair were tanned, airbrush-style, at Hil's Toluca Lake house with Fake Bake, which makes emergency house calls to the stars!
Despite some frisky beach photos, they barely stepped into the sun their whole time in Hawaii—too busy romping around their hotel room, perhaps? Or just terrified of skin cancer? We bet it's the former!
Jeez, why head to a tropical paradise and not one of Mike's chilly hockey games if you aren't gonna take advantage of the sun? Unless you're just in the mood for pineapple?
Oh, and, Hil, you're not foolin' anyone with the fake tan, especially now that we squealed how ya got it!
One dude whose career has been on a permanent vacation as of late was...
Chris Klein
, at the Rainbow Acres Natural Foods store in Marina del Rey, Calif.
Chris, who used to be the next hot thang back in those long-ago American Pie days, picked up some grub to go, calling himself "C.K." when asked for a name for the order.
Chrissy K. wore flip-flops, a white tee and dark plaid shorts, totally casual and low-key, burying his head in a magazine while waiting for his food. Wonder if he was reading up about his ex Katie Holmes, since we sincerely doubt Kate keeps in any contact with him anymore!
Tho we think K.H. has a helluva lot more in common with a hunky-dory dude like Chris than with her megastar husband.
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