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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Richard Vission Remixes "Any Other Day"

Grammy-nominated remixer/producer Richard Vission has been rocking dance floors around the world with his prolific remixes of Weezer, RadioHead, Timbaland, Prince, Lady Gaga, and Static Revenger. Most recently, he produced a radio remix of "Any Other Day" by Hilary Duff.
"Any Other Day" is an original single by Hilary Duff, which Robert Lawson wrote with her and Jonathan Glatzer. You can learn more about creation of the song here.
"Any Other Day" - Richard Vission Radio Remix Teaser

Although the remix is not currently available as part of the What Goes Up Movie Soundtrack, the original version is continuing to perform well in a growing number of markets in the United States. Amherst Records is expected to announce its intentions for an international release in the days ahead.
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