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Thursday, May 21, 2009

VIP Premiere Contest Winners Announced

Earlier this morning, executive producers James Hoke and Anthony Miranda personally called a fan to deliver the news. Khizer P., a 19-year-old from Ottawa, Ontario had won round trip airfare for two to Los Angeles, hotel accommodations for two nights, and tickets to attend the Private VIP Premiere of What Goes Up and an after party.
"Anthony was writing about memorable moments yesterday," says Hoke. "Well, we both agree that this was one of those. After speaking to Khizer on the phone, it was immediately clear that we selected the right person to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience."
Khizer, along with about 250 other entrants submitted 100-word (or less) letters deliverable by May 18. They were then narrowed to 17 and reviewed a second time by the filmmakers. Here is the winning entry, which was 100 words, exact.
Hilary Duff is more than a celebrity; she’s a role model who has helped me get through the deepest struggles in life. In 2007, I went to give my grandma breakfast when I heard her take her last breath. Having no one to lean on, Duff's self titled album became my companion through this struggle. Attending this premiere will not only give me the opportunity to thank my role model for greatly influencing my life, but will allow me to see a movie that emphasizes how one event that occurs on a day like “any other” can change life forever.
Today is any other day, and for all the right reasons. Congratulations!
Complete Winners List
First Place
Khizer P. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Second Place
Matt M. (NA*)
Third Place – Tenth Place
Justin M. (Cambridge, Mass.)
Kayla N. (NA*)
Marta M. (Spain)
Alexandra C. (Manchester, New Hampshire)
Songkran C. (Chongnonsee Yannawa Bangkok, Thailand)
Victor G, (Maceió, Brazil)
Chris T. (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
Mark F. (NA*)
A special thank you to everyone who entered! Your letters will be forward along to the cast or crew you wrote about. So, in many ways, everyone is winner today.
Today also marks the last day of the BlogCatalog Exclusive. For all promotions, click here. Several are still open, and the Insider Team has been asked to keep a look out for What Goes Up fans who live in the Los Angeles area. (We wonder why?)
Like the first place winner, Matt M. will receive a prize pack to include a DVD, CD, and poster, all signed by various members of the cast and crew. All other winners will receive a poster signed by the producers. In the event they do not respond to their notification, other winners will be selected.
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