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Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Movie for Hilary Duff!

Myriad Pictures will co-finance and produce A GREAT EDUCATION with Laurence Mark. Kirk D’Amico’s sales company will introduce the project, which stars Ben Kingsley and Hilary Duff, to buyers at Cannes.
Chris Keyser will direct for the first time from his script about a Harvard scholarship student who learns hard truths about life after he is welcomed into an upper-class clique. Casting is out to two young male leads. Keyser, a Harvard graduate himself, wrote the hit TV series Party Of Five. Mark earned an Academy Award nomination with Jerry Maguire and also produced Dreamgirls and the upcoming Julie & Julia.
D’Amico said: “Chris has done an amazing job of carving out complex characters, each dealing with their own personal issues, fitting in, keeping secrets, balancing their own aspirations with the responsibility they feel for what is happening in the world around them.”
Keyser's script centers on a young man who is accepted to Harvard on scholarship and ends up joining elite singing group the Krokodiloes. Captivated by their fast-moving world of parties, social engagements, private clubs and air of entitlement, he falls for society girl Liza (Duff), and his studies begin to suffer despite warnings from his professor (Kingsley).
"Great Education" em sessão no Myriad. Ben Kingsley e Hilary Duff estão escalados para o projeto.
Cannes - Myriad Pictures está chegando com a estréia do diretor "Chris Keyser", "A Great Education", junto com o presidente e CEO Kirk D'Amico. Ben Kingsley e a atriz e cantora Hilary Duff estão acompanhando a estrela.
O roteiro de Keyser acompanha a vida de um jovem que é aceito na Harvard. Cativado pela sua rápida evolução mundial dos partidos, compromissos sociais e clubes privados, ele cai para a sociedade da garota Liza (Duff) e seus estudos começam à decair, embora seu professor (Kingsley) o avise.
Harvard e Keyser são conhecidos pela série de televisão "Party Of Five". Segundo fontes, o roteiro é cheio de personagens complexos, e que todos estão anciosos para iniciar as filmagens do filme, em outubro, no Canadá.
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