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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hilary Duff's Healthy Diet Habits

Hilary Duff is one of the rare tween stars who ended up turning out -- well, really normal. No sex tape, no hospitalizations from "exhaustion" and (surprising for any woman in Hollywood these days) no crazy diet hang ups. We met up with Hilary yesterday while she helped light the Empire State Building up red in honor of the annual AIDS Walk New York, which she will be walking in on Sunday. It's not just a fantastic cause; the six-mile stride is also a good workout. So what else is Hilary doing these days to stay in such great shape? Check out our interview to see what she has to say about getting motivated and how she's getting her body beach ready.
That's Fit: You have a great body? Do you have a really strict exercise routine you try to stick with?
Hilary Duff: My schedule is really unpredictable, so I couldn't say I get to work out four days a week or five days a week. I try to just squeeze in whenever I can. I work with a great trainer who I do circuits with when I can, and I also do Pilates.
TF: An event like the AIDS Walk can be great motivation to step up your workouts. How do you stay motivated?
HD: I'm really bad. If I know I'm paying someone money or using someone's time -- that's the only thing that motives me to. If I'm home I'm never like "I'm going to go to the gym," I'll find anything else to do besides that. I am putting a gym in my house, so I'm hoping it gives me some motivation. You know, I'll just walk down one flight of stairs and it's right there.
TF: Memorial Day is just a week away and for most us, that's the big reminder that bathing suit season is here. Do you change your diet at all to get ready for the beach?
HD: My family loves Mexican food and we're always making guacamole and chips, so trying to replace the chips with veggies for a little bit is always a good option. I'm not a person who says to myself "you can't eat this and you can't eat that." I know I'll end up blowing it if I'm like "no sugar for three weeks." I'm more about letting that one bite taste really good and moving on.
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