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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rumor: What Goes Up Soundtrack Tracklist

"Any Other Day" - Hilary Duff
"Kidz (Who Never Grew Up)" - Innocent Bystanders
"Never Comin Back" - Innocent Bystanders
"Teenage Moments"- Innocent Bystanders
"Under Wraps" - Innocent Bystanders
"You Make Me Weak At The Knees" - Electrelane
"Cut And Run" - Electrelane
"Two For Joy" - Electrelane
"Blue Straggler" - Electrelane
"Heroes" - David Bowie
"Fills" - Anthony "Tony" Miranda

Other artists include Roddy Bottum, Al Sgro & The Brendan Hines, and Jeremy Wall. In total, there are 17 tracks from three labels - Amherst Records, EMI Records Ltd, and Too Pure Records Ltd.
Outros artistas incluindo Roddy Bottum, Al Sgro e The Brendan Hines, e Jeremy Wall. No total sao 17 tracks de 3 diferentes gravadoras - Amherst Records, EMI Records Ltd, e Too Pure Records Ltd.

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