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Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Duffsters Pet?!

After Lola, Jack, Naysse(?), Gloomy, Mouse and Haylie dogs (Coco & Bentley) Hilary adopted a new dog?! Is as it seems! Hilary was seen with his "new dog" (?) on this April 10th, and again walking with their dogs (Jack and new) in Toluka Lake on April 12th! YES! SHE LOVE PETS!
Depois de Lola, Jack, Naysse (?) nao sei se é isso, Gloomy, Mouse e os cachorros da Haylie (Coco & Bentley) Hilary adotou um novo cachorro?! Eh o q parece! Ela foi vista com ele no dia 10 de abril e novamente com ele e Jack passeando por Toluka Lake no dia 12 de Abril! É! ELA AMA ANIMAIS DE ESTIMAÇAO!

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