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Monday, April 6, 2009

Hilary going on USO Tour?

[...]Here comes Toby Keith. He comes in looks at Peter and says 'Are you Peter?' Glares and walks up on stage. If I were Peter, I'd be feeling a little uncomfortable right now. Actually, probably crapping in my pants.
Toby's going to Afghanistan in an USO tour with Earl Brown, Kris Kristofferson and Hilary Duff. He does three shows a day, for 14 days.
Cooper raises his hand and starts to ask about the Rolling Stone piece because Kris Kristofferson has sent a letter to Rolling Stone saying the incident where he calls out a singer never happened (as we reported yesterday). For the next seven minutes, there is an unbelievable back and forth between Keith and Cooper that i'm going to post about separately, but let's just say that my prediction that the most amazing show would not be the one happening on stage was correct...That post is coming in a second.[...]
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