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Friday, April 24, 2009

HIlary Duff & Faye Dunaway in the same movie...

In the sparsely furnished bedroom across the hall, actress Hilary Duff prepared for her next shot in ?Provinces of Night. The independent feature began principal photography in the Wilmington area April 15 and, six days later, Duff already was filming her last few scenes.
Duff plays Raven Halfacre, the teenage daughter of a promiscuous, alcoholic mother. She sat Indian-style on a bed and aloofly flipped through a magazine. In the background, the voice of Sheila Kelley (Matchstick Men, Dancing at the Blue Iguana), who plays her mother, yelled for Raven to come outside.
It might be a little movie, but it's attracted an all-star cast, including Kris Kristofferson (Lone*star, A Star is Born) as E.F. Bloodworth, a once promising singer-songwriter and infamous legend in the small Tennessee town, and Val Kilmer (Tombstone) as Warren, the eldest Bloodworth brother, owner of a honky-tonk bar in Nashville and chaser of women in this case, Hazel, an oft-unconscious junkie, played by Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill).
Dwight Yoakam (Panic Room) plays Boyd Bloodworth, a lost soul tormented and driven to madness by heartache and sorrow. Faye Dunaway (Chinatown,Network) plays Julia, caretaker of the Bloodworth homestead. And Reece Thompson (Dream Catcher) plays Fleming Bloodworth, the bookish son of Boyd and grandson to E.F.
Duff's Raven is the object of young Fleming?s attention.
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Hilary Duff foi vista se preparando para gravar seu novo filme “Provinces of Night“, um filme independente que tem como cenário a região de Wilmington. Em 15 de Abril, Hilary já estava filmando suas últimas cenas.
Duff irá interpretar Raven Halfacre, uma adolescente, filha de uma promíscua mãe com problemas alcoólicos. Sheila Kelley irá fazer o papel de sua mãe.
Esse será provavelmente um pequeno filme, mas que chama atenção pelo grande número de famosos, incluindo Kris Kristofferson (A Star is Born) como E.F. Bloodworth, um promissor cantor/compositor, Val Kilmer (Tombstone) como Warren, o irmão de Bloodworth e Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) como Hazel.
O filme também contará com Dwight Yoakam (Panic Room) fazendo o papel de Boyd Bloodworth, Faye Dunaway (Chinatown, Network) no papel de Julia e Reece Thompson (Dream Catcher) interpretando Fleming Bloodworth.
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