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Friday, April 3, 2009

Guy to Hilary - ‘You’re not that important’

From Oh-Hilary:
"Former kiddie star Hilary Duff has been seen all around New York City recently, but this is by far our favorite sighting. Freemans restaurant, shitfaced with friends, shrieking at another patron (also drunk).
So I’m having dinner with my lady friend at Freeman’s last night. We’re shooting the shit, catching up on some nonsense and recapping stories from last year. Mind you, I’ve had a few and my voice tends to carry as my blood alcohol level rises. As we’re finishing our appetizers, my friend kicks me under the table, a subtle heads-up that Hillary Duff is walking behind me and is about to sit at the table next to me with a couple of her girlfriends. They are wasted. Fantastic.
After texting a few buddies, asking who exactly Hillary Duff is, I carry on with my stories and move on to my plate of scallops. After recapping a story about an ill-advised Vespa ride from New Jersey to Williamsburg I slowly start to notice that my story is being told in canon AKA Hillary Duff is imitating me. That’s fine, she’s clearly had a few, and, I think, maybe my stories remind her of Frère Jacques, and she just can’t help herself. I move on, going on to the next story about the monstrous garbage man in the Lower East Side. From this point onward, the imitations increase in volume and, apparently, Hillary Duff does one of those pbbt things for approximately 1 minute, at which point I turn to her and just ask, “really?” I guess my acknowledgment and quick dismissal set something off, because Hillary Duff quickly transformed from the likes of Daisy Duck to Magica De Spell. She went nuts. Screaming, yelling, announcing her presence and exclaiming that I was ruining her dinner with my awful and/or loud stories."
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Source: Journalist @ Gawker / Thanks Oh-Hilary

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