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Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Any Other Day" - Single Station Update

WPRO Providence, Rhode Island

WBLI Nassau Long Island, New York
KIIS Los Angeles, California
KZZP Phoenix, Arizona
KHTS San Diego, California
WNTQ Syracuse, New York
WAKS Cleveland, Ohio
WZEE Madison, Wisconsin
KRQQ Tucson, Arizona
WAOA Melbourne, Florida
WNCI Columbus, Ohio
Z100 New York, New York
KVUU Colorado Springs, Colorado
KNGY San Francisco, California
WDRE Long Island, New York
WNYZ New York, New York

This is a list of the stations that received an advanced mailing of the single "Any Other Day" by Hilary Duff. "Any Other Day" is the anchor song for the What Goes Up soundtrack.

Most stations will play the tracks on request once the electronic distribution is complete, which will be later this week. However, the above stations may have the advanced copy sitting on a desk somewhere. SO REQUEST IT!
Essa é a lista das radios que receberam um mailing do novo single "Any Other Day" da Hilary Dyff.
"Any Other Day" é a musica para a trilha sonora de What Goes Up.
A maioria da estaçoes de radio irão tocar as musicas pedidas quando a distribuiçao tiver sido feita completamente, o que será na proxima semana. No entanto, as referidas estaçoes devem ter a musica já em seus estudios. ENTAO PEÇAM A MUSICA!

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