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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Any Other Day Second Preview & Soundtrack News

David Parker, co-producer of the What Goes Up Movie Soundtrack at Amherst Records, confirmed that the street date for the soundtrack will be the week of May 4. There will also be multiple release points such as iTunes and Amazon. The international release will follow immediately after.
"We know the actual shipping date will be next week," said Parker. "Our radio promo team is also working hard to make sure it receives play time on radio stations. It would be great if Hilary’s fans could start calling their favorite radio station and ask them to play “Any Other Day” by Hilary Duff, her brand new single from the What Goes Up soundtrack."
"Any Other Day" is an original single by Hilary Duff, which she wrote with Jonathan Glatzer and Robert Lawson. A :30 teaser of the opening was leaked on Monday, which prompted the producers and Parker to officially release another :30 seconds (above), after learning fans wanted to hear the teaser deeper into the song.
"The song came out great and was produced by one of the world’s top remixers, Richard Vission. I can’t wait to hear his remixes!"
Parker categorizes the soundtrack itself as what he thinks is one of the best compilations of artists to ever be released as it contains artists from the past, present and future. Why? Because they aren't just any artists.
In addition to "Any Other Day," the soundtrack features three never released songs by Innocent Bystanders, including “Kidz (Who Never Grew Up),” “Never Comin Back,” and “Teenage Moments.” Those songs accompany "Under Wraps," which was the band's breakout single in 2007.
"As with all things musical, the real excitement for me comes from being able to discover new young talent," Parker says. "And that is why I am so pleased that the director of the film, Jonathan Glatzer, and my co-producer, Tony Miranda, agreed that the song 'Under Wraps' by The Innocent Bystanders fit both thematically and musically in the movie. This song deserved much more attention."
The soundtrack also includes the UK's all-girl band Electrelane with four tracks — "You Make Me Weak At The Knees," "Cut And Run," "Two For Joy," and "Blue Straggler." Rounding out the mix is a 1999 digitally remastered version of David Bowie's hit "Heroes. "
Other artists include Roddy Bottum, Al Sgro & The Brendan Hines, Jeremy Wall, and Anthony "Tony" Miranda. Miranda is also one of the three executive producers associated with Three Kings, which produced the film.
Parker gave high marks to Miranda for his hard work and dedication. According to Parker, Miranda dazzled Amherst Records enough with “fills” for the soundtrack that the entire full length track was added to the CD.
"I think anyone who hears Tony's cut will be blown away," said Parker. " I mean it. Amherst Records has been presented with one of its most exciting projects ever thanks to everyone involved and thanks to Tony Miranda and James Hoke."
In total, there are 17 tracks from three labels — Amherst Records, EMI Records Ltd, and Too Pure Records Ltd.
"Can you imagine Hilary Duff and David Bowie on the same album?" asks Parker. "Then add in great artists like Electrelane; Jeremy Wall, who was a founding member of the pre-eminent jazz fusion group Spyro Gyra; and an entire score composed and recorded by Roddy Bottum from Faith No More."
The street date of the new soundtrack coincides with a special festival premiere of What Goes Up at 7:15 p.m. on Friday, May 8 at the 3rd Annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. The limited theatrical release of the film is scheduled for May, with the theatrical premiere and first run cities anticipated to be announced any day.
Em resumo o que foi dito de importante:
David Parker, co-produtor da trilha sonora do filme What Goes Up na Amherst Records, confirmou que a data de lançamento da trilha sonora será na semana do dia 4 de Maio. Haverá também vários pontos de lançamento como o iTunes e Amazon. O lançamento internacional irá ocorrer logo em seguida..
"Nós sabemos que a data de entrega será na próxima semana.", disse Parker."Nossa equipe de promoção nas rádios está trabalhando duro para ter certeza de que seja tocada nas estações de rádio. Seria ótimo se os fãs da Hilary pudessem começar a ligar para as suas rádios favoritas e pedirem para tocar a música "Any Other Day", seu novo single da trilha sonora de What Goes Up."
"Any Other Day", é um single de Hilary Duff, o qual ela escreveu com Jonatahn Glatzer e Robert Lawson. Uma prévia de 0:30 segundos da introdução foi divulgada na segunda-feira, o que levou os produtores e Parker liberarem oficialmente outros 0:30 segundos, depois de ver que os fãs queriam uma prévia mais profunda da música.
"A música foi produzida por um dos melhores remixers do mundo, Richard Vission. Eu não vejo a hora de ouvir os remixes dele!"
Parker classifica a trilha sonora como uma das melhores compilações de artistas que jamais foram lançadas já que contém artistas do passado, presente e futuro. Por quê? Porque eles não são só quaisquer artistas.
No total, há 17 faixas de 3 gravadoras -- Amherst Records, EMI Records Ltd, e Too Pure Records Ltd.
Source: WhatGoesUpOfficalBlog / Traduçao Lucas

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