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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ultimate Hilary is over?!

Guille post on his website UltimateHilary:
"Hey guys!
This is not what I would like to say to you, I would prefer to keep posting things of Hilary, but well, after thinking about it like 1,800 times; I think it's time to say bye to the site... :(
I've been here like 3 years, updating about the person that I most admire in the world. But well, things happen and now I'm going to start a new era in my life, I'm goin' to start going to the university so that is going to make me be busy.
You guys can not imagine how much I loved updating the site, and how much thankful I'm with Justin and with you guys for those comments, for those emails... for EVERYTHING!
I know Justin will keep running this site very good with those incredible graphics and all that he knows about websites.
So, ok, it's my last post here... so like I've said before... THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!
I'll never forget u guys and this site, and Justin you know I'll be helping you with everything you want :)
We from the HilaryDMediaBr dont like this news because we loved the site and we like so much the tribute to Hilary! However Guille even need to do this! Good luck Guille, and thank you for everything! Click here to visit UltimateHilary
Guille postou no seu site UltimateHilary que irá para a faculdade, sendo assim n vai sobrar tempo para postar em seu site, mais que ele esta muito agradecido aos fans do site dele! Nos do HilaryDMediaBr não gostamos da noticia afinal UltimateHilary é um otimo site de tributo a Hilary! Mais de qualquer jeito Guille precisa fazer isso! Boa sorte Guille, e obrigado por tudo! Clique aqui para visitar UltimateHilary

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