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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hilary Duff is Very Venus

Hilary Duff takes her usual trek to The Coffee Bean before heading over to Venus Nails for a mani/pedi in Los Angeles on Monday.
The Duffster, 20, was without her current boytoy/NHL hockey player Mike Comrie.
She is currently working on her film, Stay Cool, along with Winona Ryder, Josh Holloway and Chevy Chase. The film is due to be released sometime in 2009.
Hilary Duff rotina habitual para o The Coffee Bean antes de ira para o salão de beleza Vênus Nails para manicure e pedicure em Los Angeles na segunda-feira.
A Duffster, 20, estava sem o seu atual namorado / NHL jogador de hockey Mike Comrie.
Atualmente ela está trabalhando em seu novo filme, Stay Cool, junto com Winona Ryder, Josh Holloway e Chevy Chase. O filme está previsto para ser lançado em 2009.
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