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Friday, February 1, 2008

New Post on Hilary´s Blog - 01/31

- Posted by : HilaryHello! I am in Brisbane now! At this point it's hard to remember what day it is or what city I am in and when I am supposed to go to sleep and wake up! Hehe! After Brazil I got to go home for a day and a half and see my mom, sister, some friends, puppies, kitties, and Mike!! I needed that little break from the tour.... Ya, airplanes, and luggage! We only have 3 shows left on this tour. :( It's kinda sad! I am getting ready for the show now. Yesterday it was pouring rain! Sooooo much rain, it was crazy! But today was so hot and beautiful! Not to make anyone jealous but it' Summer here!!!! So I was by the pool earlier doing all my work sunbathing! It was amazing! The twins (my singers) met me there too! Those girls get so tan! I am so chicken, I turn into a chili pepper, they were laughing at me like smothering myself in spf 30! Also I figured out that one of my pet peeves is when people don't rub in the sunscreen all the way! I hate it! Don't know why I just thought of that! Random. Ok I am going to ‘Meet and Greet' in 5.

Gotta go. xoxo H

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